Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 8

Today's Prompt:

What was the biggest choice you made in 2011? What caused you to choose what you chose?

Charcoal pencil sketch of Shigeru Ban's Curtain Wall House
Ever since design school, this has been a favorite building of mine, and Shigeru Ban is amazing, his work with paper is breathtaking and beyond belief.

The biggest choice I made in 2011 was how I chose to handle this bout of unemployment (this would be bout 3 in 3 years, oh, and it's totally the longest).  But part of that is by design.  This time around, I've decided to concentrate on architecture as a career path.  I will not accept a position unless it is employment for an architect.  In order to become a licensed architect, I have to have that work experience.  I'm also using my time to take my licensing exams.  The exams are fairly intense, so it feels a bit like being back in school, which is something I'm very comfortable with.


Kim said...

That sounds so exciting! I hope you get a job soon :)

Ted said...

Glad to hear you aren't purchasing red & gold drapes anymore. Bet of luck with the exams!

leenie said...

Never red and gold, Ted. Always, always fuschia and gold.

Thanks, Kim!

Sarah Nicole said...

Great choice! Not having a regular income sucks. But so does not pursuing your true aspirations.