Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 3

Today's Prompt.

What lesson did you learn in 2011 from “The School of Life” rather than a classroom?

Pencil sketch of how I choose to define myself (by my awesome bedhead)

In 2011, I learned that my career cannot be my definition.  In times like these, I simply can't count on it as a source of my identity.  It's been a hard lesson, but I've tried to be open to new experiences and I'm finally feeling positive enough about other things that I'm less upset about the fact that I can't find a job.  I've also learned that my career may not end up looking very standard.  Lately, I've been cobbling together random freelance work and that may be what the future has in store for me.


Kim said...

Hang in there. I'll soon be out of a job, too, and I'm not looking forward to the whole job search thing. What a drag. I'm sure you've heard this a million times, but it WILL work out. I hope you find something really great :)

leenie said...

Thanks for the encouragement. And best of luck to you in your search.