Monday, July 30, 2012

Wedding Papercut

Some friends of mine were recently wed (on a lavender farm!!!), and I decided it was the perfect time to do a little papercutting.

Font used: Cafe Lounge 19
(As usual, I printed out my text and then altered the text and flourishes with pencil before using it as a cutting template.)

The butterfly, poppy and water detail are all elements in some of the couples' tattoos.  And I chose an art nouveau looking font because the bride was using that style in her invites.

So... I'm that weirdo that made the bride open her gift at her wedding.  I love gift-giving because you get to see people's reactions to something I usually put a lot of thought into.  Then my friends and I styled this as it sat at the wedding party table.  Good thing the bride and groom are laid-back.

Did I mention the wedding was at a lavender farm...

And this is where I mention how much I miss the Pacific Northwest... so beautiful.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding Monogram

My cousin recently wed her sweetheart, so I whipped up a monogram for the happy new couple.

I really like the little heart in the bottom of the 'L'.

To make this one I drafted the letters onto the paper, taking lettering styles from some old calligraphy books given to me by an aunt.

I'm excited that my work is getting a little cleaner, which brings me to a favorite tool; eraser pencils.  They're so handy for cleaning up lines in tight spaces.  Just remember to clean up the lines before any glue goes over them, glue will just seal that pencil line in.