Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 5

Today's Prompt:

Did you meet any new friends this year? How did they impact your 2011?

Just playing with some pastels

I've been branching out, in terms of activities, this year and have met many new acquaintances, but I think it takes time and lots of shared experiences to really count someone as a friend.  That being said, some of the people I've met in recent years are now becoming friends and it's been great to see that.  We moved to Los Angeles almost 3 years ago, and luckily, we already had some family and friends here, but we've been trying to build our community.  It's rewarding to see those efforts coming through.  I've also had the opportunity to travel back to Seattle and San Antonio this year and see old friends.  In terms of impact, I would just say that friends bring joy and variety to your life.  They also help you make vital connections to your surroundings. 

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