Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Explore: Mishe Mokwa Trail

My aunts and I went for a hike in late March, it was right after some heavy rains and everything was green and lush (our shoes were muddy, but the hike was gorgeous).  And with the rain we've been having the past few days, I'm betting there will be some pretty hiking available to SoCal residents in the near future.

We did the Mishe Mokwa Trail in the Santa Monica mountains.  I chose this hike solely because of Casey Schreiner's recommendation on his blog, Modern Hiker.  Um, he is really good about having things like directions and maps, so go over to his site if you want information that will actually get you to this place.  We didn't do the Sandstone or Tri-Peak trails because I didn't fully warn my aunts about the length of our hike and they vetoed any additions.

What I loved most about this trail is that it goes around a peak, it's not just 'go to the top, see a pretty view and go back down'.  You get a new view at every turn of the trail.

The trail was about 6 miles and it's never too steep (it's a hike so there are obviously some steep parts) and large sections of the trail are relatively flat.

We got to see Balanced Rock from a few angles, and there were some awesome formations that remind me of Easter Island statues.

There were trees over part of the trail, a few flowers and some mossy rocks to look at.

And since it was a beautiful, clear day we could see quite a ways.

This was the highest point that we got to, there was another trail up to Sandstone Peak (I believe it's the tallest in the range) but this was high enough for us.

Then it was back down the trail and off to Marix for some Tex-Mex (we're all from San Antonio, chips and salsa are like Mother's milk).

So, I encourage everyone to get out and hike before it gets too hot and all the green gets burned away by the SoCal sunshine.  Your feet might get muddy, but the air will be clear and the views will be green.


Leonizzy said...

Hey, you're missing the Squatch pose!

megan marie said...

looks amazing! i will have to check it out this weekend if the rain ever ends.

leenie said...

Oh Leonel, I'm sorry to say that there was no interpretive dancing on this particular hike, it is sad.