Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pacific Half Marathon

I ran in the Pacific Half Marathon this past Saturday, and while I didn't meet my goal of 2:11, I can't feel all that bad about the 2:13 I finished in.  The corresponding trail run got rained out and there were twice as many people on the road as expected.  This resulted in a nice leisurely walk for the first quarter to half mile.  And there were some pretty good hills.  So the new goal is to find a nice, flat, fast, uncrowded course and try again.

 Not all was lost though, I got to run for a few miles with a woman from my running club, that definitely helped break up the monotony, and the landscape was gorgeous.  T and I also decided to get a hotel in Calabasas and took some nice drives throughout the area.  We went through Malibu Canyon and ended up on the PCH.  With all of the recent rain, everything is so much greener than usual and it's great.

In the end, we had a great time.  If you want a pretty run with some fresh air, then this was a great race.


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