Saturday, March 12, 2011


With the recent passing of my 28th birthday, it's time for my Thirty Before Thirty list.  Yes, we've all got one, I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to blog and turn 30 without one, so here's mine.

  1. Run a half Iron Man
  2. Run a half marathon in 2:11 (10 minute miles)
  3. Run a full marathon in 4:45 (I never said I was a fast runner)
  4. Complete my ARE (architect's registration exam)
  5. Make croissants from scratch
  6. Make a new quilt for our bed
  7. Go to New York
  8. Develop remaining black/white film
  9. Make a legitimate wedding album
  10. Go to either Central or South America
  11. Make macarons from scratch
  12. Sell something on Etsy
  13. Design and purchase fabric from Spoonflower
  14. Get my IRA into a proper mutual fund
  15. Add something every month to my IRA for at least 6 months
  16. Paint something worth framing
  17. Ride a century
  18. Fill a sketchbook with drawings, not to do lists
  19. Learn some French
  20. Help and encourage T to make a short film
  21. Have a vegetable garden
  22. Get licensed (the architectural variety, I can already drive)
  23. Learn Revit
  24. Learn how to use manual settings on my camera
  25. Make 2 new dresses
  26. Make a pair of pants (or shorts)
  27. Read 20 books
  28. Blog every weekday for a month
  29. Write a short story
  30. Photograph something every day for a month
So, there you have it, my random and, I think, reasonable list of things to do in the next 2 years.  Wish me luck.


Benjamin said...

Where is VISIT SEATTLE on this list?!

Kristie W. said...

Good luck with your list!! They all seem like attainable goals!

leenie said...

Don't worry, Benjamin, it's in the works.