Monday, November 21, 2011

Two Years!

Two years ago today, this happened.

T and I celebrated this weekend by spending a full day (OK, almost a full day, I had a volunteer thing in the morning) hanging out with each other, something we rarely get to do these days.

We started out horseback riding, something I've never done before.

And, I only fell off once.  I'm about as lame as they come when it comes to things involving coordination.  Luckily I fell into pretty soft dirt and was able to get back on and finish up.  Oh, and make fun of those helmets all you want, but some other girl fell off of her horse and got a gash on her head.  Always, better safe than sorry.

Then we went to Umami Burger for dinner.  We'd never been before and heard so many great things that we decided to try it out.  I broke my camera lens after we parked the car at Umami, so here's an iPhone pic.  We had a steak salad to start (fabulous) and we each got the Umami Burger and fries for dinner.  The burger was juicy and great, but the toppings were a little sweet for my taste, so I think I'll have to try something else on the menu one day.  The bun was super yummy and the fries were pretty darn good.  I'd definitely recommend it.

We took a little break at home before heading out to see George Clooney's new movie, The Descendants (great) to end the day.

All in all, a pretty full day.  But I think the best part was that we enjoyed each other and the day even though I fell off of a horse and we broke a $200 lens (so glad the body didn't break).  And what they say is true, new experiences with your partner are a great way to stay connected.

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