Monday, November 7, 2011

Stopping the Sugar Rush

Lately, I've been thinking I shouldn't eat so much sugar, or cereal.  It gets bad y'all, multiple bowls of cereal per day.  So I'm starting a new 12 week diet and exercise regimen that has been personalized for me by Ali at Complete Physique.  So, for the sake of accountability, here's the 'before'.

Not too bad, but I'm hoping that the strength training will be a nice change up from my usual running and maybe even get me a little bit faster.  I also have the most pathetic upper body strength around, so, there's that.  But what I'm really hoping is that a set menu will keep me from eating sugar bombs every day.  Day 1 has been good so far, but we'll see how far the will power takes me.

In other news, T has proclaimed himself a handyman.  He fixed his 'vintage' iPod using a kit from iFixit.  He was supremely pleased with himself.

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