Friday, February 4, 2011

Handmade: Dad's Christmas Quilt

My mom, siblings and I made a quilt for my dad this Christmas.  Now, Dad is about 6'-5'", so this is a king-size quilt.  There is no way I could have made this myself, but it was really fun to help out on it.  It was a perfect way to feel very accomplished without having to do a ton of work.

Mom and I discussed the pattern and fabric choices, she raided her stash, cut out all of the blocks and mailed them to me neatly packaged with some instructions.

I spent a couple of weekends sewing blocks together and laying them out.

My living room floor was not big enough for the whole thing, but I got creative and finished the top.  Then I went home about a week before Christmas and we raced to finish by Christmas Eve.  Mom sewed on the binding and we all helped set it up and quilt it on her gigantic quilting machine.  And Grandma saved the day by hand sewing the binding on  that we could finish with about 12 hours to spare.  Score!

The pattern was simple; 9 squares each direction and the squares are just 3 different sized squares centered inside their borders of various widths.  Dad loved it.

Quilting tip: Batik (hand dyed) fabrics are the easiest fabrics to sew with.  They are kind of stiff, they don't unravel too much and they sew together easily without a lot of excessive pinning.  And they're gorgeous.

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