Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vegas TTD 3

Surprise, Mouse shot Quiche and I at the hotel when we got back from Red Rock.  We got a little inspired by Stripes' menswear inspired post and thought it'd be fun to make the tall girl with short hair (me) wear a blazer.  Mouse, Cola and I crafted my headband and bout that morning in our hotel room.

We sort of ran out of light at Red Rock and the actual red rocks are only in the first 2 miles of the 13 mile scenic drive, so we headed to our hotel and made do.

We got congratulated by a real wedding couple which was great, but we also got quite a few odd stares, not so great.

All in all it was pretty fun.  In case you're wondering where my cheap outfit came from, you're probably not, but maybe.  Blazer: express, Ruffly vest and pencil skirt: H&M, Shoes: Target (super exciting,  I strung the pearls myself and I really kinda loved my tulle bow on a ribbon headband.

It was definitely an experience to remember, and here's to the day when two brides walking through a casino isn't that out of place.

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