Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vegas TTD 2

Up first, Hamster.  Her heels were the highest, and once she was perched on the outcropping, it was best to let her stay there.

Look at her adorable stand-in dress (she certainly wasn't going to 'trash' the real one before the wedding).  It goes so well with her huge smile.

Next up, was Quiche.  Looking just as lovely as you'd expect from her gorgeous wedding photos.

Looking coy behind her grocery store bouquet that we put together in the park restroom that we took over before the shoot.

Seriously, one of the sweetest ladies I met on the trip.

And last, but certainly not least, Frenchie.  This girl is a laugh and a half all the time, and I think it shows in her photos.  

And the sassy hip pose was definitely in full force.

And I love this last shot.  Looks like she's about to throw her thumb out and hitch a ride 'cuz she's tired of walking in those heels.

A little surprise shoot happened next, after we ran out of daylight.

Oh, and thanks to Quiche for the heads up on the Pioneer Woman action set.  They make photoshop so much more fun.

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megan marie said...

I LOVE the Pioneer Woman action set! And I love all of your TTD photos!