Sunday, April 7, 2013

So, I'm 30 Now...

I turned 30 about a month ago, and so far, it's been pretty great.  I decided to update my 30 before 30 list and, I've also decided to revise the list to my 30 before 30 is over.

  1. Run a half Iron Man I just finished this one on 03/30.  I didn't really train enough, so I wasn't sure I would finish, but I did and it felt amazing.  I'm currently scheming for my next one.
  2. Run a half marathon in 2:11 (10 minute miles) I did this one last June, I even got it down to 2:06:35!
  3. Run a full marathon in 4:45 (I never said I was a fast runner) I did run a full marathon last summer trying to attempt this, and it took me a little over 5 hours, but my hip was hurting so much that this one may never happen.
  4. Complete my ARE (architect's registration exam) Finished up this one by the end of 2012!
  5. Make croissants from scratch Totally tried this and they were gross, will have to try again, though I've technically done it.
  6. Make a new quilt for our bed I'm currently making one, it's in the early stages, but it's going.
  7. Go to New York This may happen this year as a 30th birthday celebration for the hubs and I.
  8. Develop remaining black/white film No progress on this front
  9. Make a legitimate wedding album I made a test album with adorama pix to see the quality, so I've decided on a company
  10. Go to either Central or South America This is the other option for 30th birthday celebration with the hubs and I, looks like only one will get done this year though.
  11. Make macarons from scratch I've done these a couple of times now, and may I just say, yum.
  12. Sell something on Etsy I've set up a store, but haven't added anything to it yet, maybe soon.
  13. Design and purchase fabric from Spoonflower Agh, I really just need to do this already, I have so many viable designs.
  14. Get my IRA into a proper mutual fund Adult goal: achieved
  15. Add something every month to my IRA for at least 6 months Ditto!
  16. Paint something worth framing I just realized that I did this last year, I painted a portrait of my husband for his parents and they framed it
  17. Ride a century So far my furthest ride is the 56 that I just did in the half ironman, but this is still possible
  18. Fill a sketchbook with drawings, not to do lists Check!
  19. Learn some French What's your definition of 'some', I listened to some language cds before I visited there, counting it!
  20. Help and encourage T to make a short film Well, he's a little busy with his master's degree in the evenings, but I guess it's still possible.
  21. Have a vegetable garden I grew exactly one tomato on my balcony last summer and basil and mint, I'm calling it.
  22. Get licensed (the architectural variety, I can already drive) I just have the California Supplemental Exam left, it will happen.
  23. Learn Revit Absolutely no progress has been made on this front.
  24. Learn how to use manual settings on my camera I'm about 60% there
  25. Make 2 new dresses I need a sewing room
  26. Make a pair of pants (or shorts) See above
  27. Read 20 books I've finished this one many times over, I should have been more ambitious on this item
  28. Blog every weekday for a month Did this one, though it was clearly a while ago, it's been crickets around here lately
  29. Write a short story Not done yet
  30. Photograph something every day for a month Again, done a while ago, haven't pulled out my real camera much since the iPhone cameras have gotten so much better.
So, the list is almost half done, I have got to get my butt in gear on some of these items.

I think I was high off of the endorphins from this race for days!

And for my 30th birthday, I decorated cakes at Duff's Cakemix, like 30 year-olds totally do.   I made flowers, out of fondant this time!


Mary G said...

I'm impressed. Hope you get to the rest of them!

luvlyloops said...

Wow! well at least you have a list and you have checked off most of it!! nice!!

Benjamin said...

I want to say that you have also made multiple loin cloths!