Sunday, October 21, 2012


Late this summer, my friend had her 'golden birthday' and her husband scored a million husband points by throwing her a party at EATZ LA.

Love the pomegranate apron!

She knew they were going to a cooking class, but she didn't know that all of the other attendees would be her friends until they arrived.  Sneaky and amazing!

The menu was French, the chefs were so fun and I learned some new stuff.  When you arrive, there are drinks and appetizers for everyone and you quickly get started with the cooking.

This is called 'bathing the baby', it's the totally technical way to poach an egg.

Then you put lardons on it and call it the salad course, mmm!

Apple slices, sage mayo, ham and cheddar grilled up to perfection.  

Things I don't like: mayo, ham, cooked or warmed fruit.  Things I love: this sandwich, which combines all three of those things.  It's a conundrum.

Main course: ratatouille and porcini crusted filet.

Apparently the trick to a perfect steak is high heat and finishing off your steak by basting it in butter, then you top it with more butter to serve.  It's worth the calories.

Dessert was raspberry white chocolate creme brulee, and you get to use a blowtorch, which is key.

I'd totally recommend EATZ to anyone looking for a fun cooking class that results in a fantastic meal, some great drinks and a good time.  The staff are professional, but super laid back and very fun.  And you get all of the recipes e-mailed to you later so that you can re-create your favorites.

Now, my 30th birthday is coming up next year and the hubs has a major celebration to match.  Just kidding, sort of.

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