Monday, August 6, 2012

Sculpted Flowers

This one was a while in the making.  It's my mom's combined mother's day and birthday gift and it was still late on both counts.  Oh well, I think that hand-delivering it to her in Texas makes up for that.

This is easily my favorite of all the pieces I've made recently, and that favoritism is directly proportional to how much time was poured into it.

The peony alone took a couple of days.

After seeing some of my flowers in other work, Mom requested a floral piece in 'Tuscan' colors, and I think that I delivered.

Because I couldn't find any 'Tuscan' frames with enough depth behind the glass for the flowers, I decided to give frame-making the old college try.  I picked up some trim lumber, a miter saw, and wood glue and went to town.  I also added decorative hinges to the corners of the frame to add a bit of detail.  It's certainly not perfect, but it was quite a learning experience.

Anyone have a good source for frame-making supplies and/or instructions?


honey my heart said...

this is such a good piece. you have such a talent with paper.

leenie said...

Thanks, I certainly enjoy working with paper.