Monday, May 21, 2012

Partial Eclipse of the Sun

This title is obviously sung to the tune of Total Eclipse of the Heart.  Well, glad that song is now in your heads...  Tonight there was a partial eclipse over SoCal.  I was on the beach for a 9 mile run, and half of my run was spent staring at an eclipse (you know, that thing you're not supposed to do), luckily it was cloudy.  T was at our picnic setup taking pictures after his shorter run (still recovering from an injury) because we got a late start running.

Here's a picture I took after my run, which was towards the end of the eclipse.

And here is the very first gif I've ever made, it uses some of the pictures that T took of the eclipse.

Gifs are fun, and totally easy.

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Grandma C said...

we missed the eclipse - thanks for the pictures