Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Quilled Again

I've been sucked into quilling, it's so fun and there's so much of it to look at on the internet.  I'm loving 'All Things Paper' for inspiration.  Everything from quilling to papier mache and some pretty great links to artwork.

I've been seeing couples monograms paired with prints of their home states lately, and loved the idea.  Alas, T and I are from the same state, but we are from two different cities.  So I quilled the great state of Texas with hearts in our hometowns and our initials below.

I still don't think I've achieved awesomeness with this one, but it's my second quilled piece ever, so that's okay.  I do like this one a lot more though.  I like the mixture of tight and more open curls and flourishes and I started out with the outlines printed on the paper this time, much better for accuracy.

I'm still encouraging people to try it, such low start-up costs and so easy to do (not master, but do).  Now I have to think of what I'm going to make next.


Unknown said...

Very cool. That's one of my fav blogs as well but never thought to try it. :) will you be framing this?

leenie said...

Yeah, just have to find a cute frame. You should try it, so simple. Way easier than building a model ;)

Ann Martin said...

I'm super-impressed, Eileen... you're a natural at quilling! Thanks very much for the link.

Molly Smith said...

All Things Paper is my favorite blog also, paper inspiration galore. I love your initial-Texas quilling creation. Thanks for sharing!
hugs from San Angelo, TX xo

leenie said...

Thanks, ladies!

cellar said...

I look forward to "all things paper" everytime I open my mail. Ann presents so many interesting and beautiful pieces of artwork.
Love the quilled state of Texas.
Would be a nice idea for a class at the NAQGCON . . . everyone try to do their own state/country!!!!

leenie said...

Wait... there's a convention!?! Ooh, that would be fun. And thanks!

Micah and Catherine said...

I'm going to have to try this. I always felt like it would be really hard.