Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Gifts

So, after making the fudge and toffee, I had to do something with all of it.  T, got the bulk of it, in a lovely heart shaped box that I picked up at Surfa's (I linked to the cafe, but it's attached to a restaurant supply store, with great stuff.)  I also got the candy liners from there as well.

Want to see more candy goodness?...K

You might also be noticing those molded chocolates in there, these were a fail.  I used metal petit-four cake tins and they did not release the chocolates well.  Out of the dozen I made (they're filled with white chocolate ganache) only 4 stayed 'together'.  T loved 'em, so I guess that's good.

But I still had candy left over, so I took some to my co-workers.  I used favor boxes that I had lying around from Paper Source.  

I cut some hearts out of card stock, taped them at the bottom and bent up the edges a bit.

Just enough for a sweet fix (or enough to make you have a horrible craving for chocolate the rest of the day).

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