Sunday, December 20, 2009

Handmade: Easy Ornament

So, I had a bunch of response cards after the wedding and I didn't want to just toss them, so I made ornaments out of them. I used a large circle punch, double-sided tape, leftover cards, beads, beading string, clamp rings, pliers and a bit of hot glue for this project.
Start by punching out 8 circles and then fold them all in half.

Tape all of the halves to eachother to create a sphere.
String some seed beads on your beading wire and create the teardrop at the bottom. Thread a large bead over both ends of the wire to hold the teardrop in place. Thread both through your paper sphere and add another large bead at the top.
Use your pliers and clamp rings to hold the large bead in place and to close the two ends of the beading wire at the very top of the loop. I also dabbed some hot glue at the two ends of the paper sphere to hold the large beads in place and at the top of the loop just for a little bit of extra stability.

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